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Ages 4 to 7

Art Angels

The Neighborhood Art Studios does not teach “arts and crafts” to children. We believe that a child’s ability to perceive his or her environment can be developed in much the same manner as an adult. The language and subject matter needs to be simplified, but the content of the lessons does not. We successfully teach children about shapes, perspectives, tones, colours, edges, spaces and textures. Over time, a child will learn to think three dimensionally a lot more. When teaching children, we show them lots of examples and give demonstrations. Eventually, they will be able to perceive more complicated shapes independently.

Ages 8 to 12

Junior Artists

Children of this age group begin to observe objects in greater detail and are able to perceive three-dimensional space. These students will work from real life settings, photographs and art reproductions to learn the fundamentals of portraiture, still life and landscapes. They will be introduced to various drawing media and they may also choose to paint the acrylics. Each student will learn how to use and care for their materials. As the students advance, they may begin to develop their own projects to suit their individual interests.

Ages 13 and up

Teens & Adults

This couse will cover the basics of classical drawing with pencil, composition, perspective and colour. Pre-planning of a painting either in Acrylic, Oil or Watercolours. Working from real life situations, learning how to paint from photographs, etc. will be covered.The students may also select Portraiture, Still Life, Landscape. You may also choose realism, abstract, impressionism etc.

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